A Month After The Services At A Jewish Funeral Home

East Brunswick, NJ Jewish funeral home

When a close family member passes away, you are overwhelmed by the support of your family, friends, and co-workers. As the weeks pass by after the Jewish funeral home in East Brunswick, NJ has hosted services for your loved one, people call upon you and check up on you to make sure you are okay. Your house is flooded with cards, food, and well-wishers who want to help you get through the tough time. 

Then, a month passes by and while you might still get a few cards here and there, they are trickling in instead of flooding in. You have probably gone back to work and your co-workers slip back into their normal routines. You still have friends around, but they are back to their lives as well. While they might want to help, they don’t know what you need. You feel like life is moving on all around you, but you have yet to feel “normal” again. Does anyone still care?  

Of course the people around you care, but you may not feel like you are getting the support you need. When you first have the loss, everyone rallies around you and cares for you deeply. As the loss wears off those around you, you still need support, but others don’t realize it. You might need support now more than ever.  

You still have plenty of family and friends who want to help you and care for you. The problem is, they may not know how and they might not realize that you still need their support. What should you do? Don’t expect them to anticipate your needs. They probably told you when the death occurred that they were there to help. Instead, reach out to them and ask for whatever type of help you need. Maybe you are working on closing your loved one’s accounts and you don’t have time to drive your children to after school activities. Perhaps the house has seen better days because you are too busy to clean. Take the initiative during this time of transition and they will respond.  

If you do have someone in your life that calls and asks you to dinner, try and say yes as much as you can. Getting back out into the real world can help the healing process. If you turn people away too many times, they’ll stop asking.  

As hard as it is, you have to keep living and stay involved with your activities. If you are on the other side and you are the friend of someone who has lost a loved one, keep reaching out, even a month down the road. They still need you.  

When the time comes to organize final services, contact Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels, a trustworthy Jewish funeral home in East Brunswick, NJ. You can call us with your questions at (732) 390-9199 or to set up a time to speak with our funeral director in person. We’re located at 454 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816 and we’ll do whatever we can to honor your loved one and help you through this most difficult time.

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