Are Private Funeral Services What You Want?

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There are many different things you might do with a loved one’s final services to make it feel like the right thing for that particular person. When you work with a Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ, you know that your loved one will be in good hands. They will get the honor they deserve and there will also be ceremonial and traditional aspects that you are able to put together as well. There are going to be lots of options, such as whether you want the service to be open to the public, or invitation only. If you choose something private, you get to decide who will attend. Here are a few things to consider on the way down the path.

Will People Be Hurt If Not Invited?

Private services are generally smaller and more intimate, which can be nice for your family. However, since you are keeping things limited, you may leave some people out that might be hurt by that. You invite family only and perhaps a few close friends. But what if there is something you didn’t know about who was close to your loved one and they are hurt by not being invited? That’s always a possibility. Most people will understand, but some may have really wanted to come and you will want to consider that. If you do go with something private, you are going to want to think about the guest list with care.

Can You More Easily Afford A Smaller Service?

Private services, since they limit the numbers, are going to cost less. Perhaps you need to have a smaller, private service because you have a budget to stick to. The more people that attend a service, the larger venue you need, the more food you need for a reception, and so on. It can really drive costs up a good deal.

Is A Private Service What Your Loved One Wanted?

If your loved one left behind some final wishes, then you will want to follow those wishes. If you know that they would like to have private services, then that’s the direction you should take. You can tell anyone who isn’t invited that you were following your loved one’s wishes and that can help to waylay any hurt feelings.

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The Decision Is Yours

A private service with the Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ is always an option and you will want to consider what works best for your family, the budget you have, and the situation as a whole. The funeral home professionals can give you advice and help you with suggestions, but they will not make decisions for you. That decision is completely up to you. Confer with your family and see what might be in other people’s minds. They may come up with good points that you hadn’t thought of. Or, you can make the decision together so that can allow you to alleviate the total burden from yourself. Ask any questions you have of the funeral home professionals to help.

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