Burial Or Cremation At A Jewish Funeral Home?

Jewish funeral home in East Brunswick, NJ

When a loved one passes away, you know you want a Jewish funeral home in East Brunswick, NJ to help with the final services. And while they will take care of the details, you have to lay out the options and make decisions before they can take over. Would your loved one want to be buried or cremated? Sometimes there’s no way to know for sure. If you aren’t certain, use these guidelines to help you decide.  

Religious Beliefs 

There are many religions that are starting to accept cremation as an honorable final disposition and Judaism is one of them. Your Jewish funeral home can help you with that method and the proper services surrounding it. That being said, burial is also perfectly acceptable. In considering your religious beliefs, think about what your loved one preferred and what your family members in attendance will accept. The final services are often just as much about the survivors as they are about the deceased.  


While cost isn’t the primary concern when you are trying to honor someone who passed on, you definitely have to think about it when the budget is tight. If both choices are valid to you, cremation will be the less expensive avenue. There are a lot of services you need to have with traditional burial that aren’t necessary with cremation. Cutting those things out helps to reduce expenses considerably.  

Family Travels 

Modern families are often more spread out today. If you want as many of your family members to attend the final services as possible to honor your loved one and show their respect, you might be better off putting the funeral off for a few extra days so everyone can gather. If that’s the case, cremation gives you that option. The timeline is less stringent when your loved one is cremated. You can even take the remains to another location that is more convenient for a memorial service.  

Environmental Issues 

There are arguments on both sides of the fence for cremation and traditional burial. On one side, cremation doesn’t leave things in the earth, like hinges on a casket that don’t break down. On the other side, traditional burial doesn’t put more emissions into the atmosphere from the cremation process. When all is said and done, cremation has a smaller carbon footprint so if that is a concern to you, air on that side.  

What’s best for your family and your loved one? Cremation or traditional burial? The professionals at a Jewish funeral home in East Brunswick, NJ can help you weigh the options and make the best possible decision with the information you have to go on. Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels is available for your questions at (732) 390-9199. We serve families in Milltown, South River, Helmetta and surrounding areas. Set up a consultation with our funeral director and then visit with us in person at 454 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816. We’re here to arrange whatever type of service you see fit to honor your loved one. 

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