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As you go about the traditions related to a Jewish burial, you’ll ultimately have to choose a headstone or marker for the grave within a year. It’s important to start the process in a timely manner so it will be created and placed in time. Most of us of never – or rarely – purchased a monument, and all of us would prefer to deal with someone we know and trust. Here at Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels, we have a dedicated monument department, and our experienced memorialist can guide you through the process.

Cemetery Regulations

Upon starting the process, it’s critical you understand that each cemetery has regulations as to the size and type of monument or marker that are permitted in their cemetery. In fact, different sections in the same cemetery frequently have different rules. You certainly don’t want to purchase something that can’t be used on your loved one’s grave. Our memorialists are familiar with all of the local cemetery’s regulations, and if it’s a cemetery we’re not familiar with, we know the right questions to ask.

There are Burial Society Rules too

Here in the NYC metro area and in NJ, there are many Jewish Burial Societies that own their own large areas within a cemetery. If your loved one was a member of one of these societies and was interred in their section, your selection of a memorial will be dictated by their rules and regulations in addition to the actual cemetery’s rules.

Inscribe With Care

Keep in mind that the inscription is going to be something you see every time you visit the grave. You want it to be personal and special. Headstones generally feature a person’s name, birth date, and death date. Jewish monuments and markers usually include descriptors like “loving mother,” “son and husband,” and so on, frequently in Hebrew. Given these things are truly “carved in stone”, it’s critical to have a rabbi review and approve any inscriptions in Hebrew, and if you don’t have a family rabbi to do this, Mount Sinai can help!

Allow adequate Lead Time

The process of selecting and placing your selected marker takes more time that you probably think. From the time you make your final selection (which in and of itself may take quite some time as you consult with other family members), it usually takes 3-4 months for actual design, manufacture, shipping, and placement. It’s important too that you realize that “footings” or the concrete foundation the monument is placed on cannot be poured during the winter months, so this too must be factored into your timeline since the monument can’t be placed until the foundation is in.

Deal with Someone You Trust

There are monument companies that will contact you shortly after the funeral; you should never deal with any monument company that contacted you unsolicited. Deal with people you know and trust. Our dedicated monument department has helped hundreds of families to select a suitable memorial for their loved one with no pressure, and it costs no more to work with our pleasant and experienced staff.

When you are ready to talk further about headstones, monuments, bronze markers or anything else, consider Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels, our Jewish funeral home in East Brunswick, NJ, for the compassionate support you need during this hard time. We’re located at 454 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816 and we serve families in Monroe Township, Marlboro, Manalapan and all of Middlesex and Monmouth Counties. You can reach us at (732) 390-9199.

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