Cemetery Etiquette For Jewish Funeral Home Services

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When you work with a Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ on a loved one’s final services, you are also going to need to work with cemetery professionals to get a loved one’s plot prepared for their burial. The funeral home will help you with every step of the planning and implementation process. They can even advise you of the etiquette you can follow when you visit the cemetery for the burial, for visits later, or even just to see plot options. Here are a few pieces of etiquette advice.

Follow Cemetery Regulations

As you walk through the process of finding the cemetery plot for your loved one, you are going to want to follow cemetery rules and regulations at all times. It’s a good idea to check those regulations before you sign on for a certain plot so you are certain you are okay with them. They might have a lot of rules around headstones, maintenance, gifts that can be left, and other such things. Following the regulations will only help you in the long run.

Speak In A Hushed Voice

When you are in the cemetery, either for your loved one’s service, looking for a plot, or for a visit later, you are going to want to talk to others in a hushed tone. You don’t have to whisper, but it’s nice to keep your levels down so that you aren’t bothering anyone else who might be in the area going through a hard time. Cemeteries are all about respect and when you talk quietly, you are respecting others in their own time of mourning.

Don’t Bring Flowers

Flowers are generally a very nice gesture, but when it comes to Jewish funerals and burials, flower aren’t the proper gift. These funerals are simpler and without decoration. Visiting the cemetery is enough and you don’t have to worry about bringing flowers along to show your respect and to honor that special person. Your presence is enough.

Respect All Graves

You might go to the cemetery looking for a grave or to visit your loved one. No matter what your reason is for being in the cemetery, you are going to want to respect all of the graves in the vicinity, and not just that of your loved one. Don’t park on them, walk over them, leave trash, or do anything else you wouldn’t want others to do to your loved one’s grave.

Drive Slowly

Cemeteries are slow-driving areas, like a parking lot. You are going to want to drive at the posted speed limits. IF you don’t see any signs, make sure you drive slowly because, again, this is a place of respect and you want to do the best you can to honor everyone buried there.

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Avoid Your Phone

When you are in the cemetery, you don’t need to be on your phone. If you’re at a service, that goes without saying. But you also don’t want to take a call when someone else is mourning nearby. If you need more advice about cemeteries, the Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ can always help.

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