Commemorating Mother’s Day

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If your family has lost the matriarch, whether recently or some time back, you likely worked with a Jewish funeral home in East Brunswick, NJ to honor her memory. However, just because the funeral services are complete doesn’t mean you have to stop honoring those memories. When Mother’s Day rolls around, for example, you can do a number of special things for the mom of the family, even if she is no longer with you. Here are a few ideas to get you started down the right path:

Have A Brunch

If you usually went to brunch with the matriarch in the family to celebrate the day, you can do the same thing this year. Things will look different, but creating a new sense of normal is important. Set a place at the table for her and share memories about her as the family gathers. There might be some smiles and laughter and there will likely be some tears. Remembering her on special days like Mother’s Day will bring up pain as well as comfort.

Do Something In Her Honor

What did that special woman in your life like to do? Was she always the first to volunteer when the local soup kitchen needed a hand? Did she love helping the local library raise funds for new books? Whatever it was, do something along those lines to honor her memory on or around Mother’s Day. Perhaps you know a new mom who is struggling to settle into everyday life with an infant. Show her what your mom taught you and remember the good times you had together.

Visit Her Resting Place

When most people are thinking of a loved one who passed on, they like to visit their final resting place. Visit mom’s grave and take some memento, perhaps with a sign with ‘#1 Mom’ on it. You can talk to her, tell her what you miss about her on the day, and spend a little time with your thoughts. You’ll likely see other personal tributes at the cemetery, which will remind you that you aren’t alone in missing someone on the holiday.

Have A Memorial

While the funeral took place when she passed, that doesn’t mean you can’t honor her memory again with a memorial gathering. Get family members and close friends together with the purpose of honoring your loved one’s memory yet again. She’s too special not to remember on the most special days of the year.

If you are struggling with Mother’s Day, and the fact that your family matriarch is no longer with you, feel free to give us at Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels, a Jewish funeral home in East Brunswick, NJ for more ideas on how you can get through the holiday with as much ease as possible. The compassionate representatives at our family owned funeral home are here to help with ideas and options. We’re located at 454 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816 and we serve families throughout Central New Jersey. Give us a call and we’ll bounce some ideas back and forth. You can reach us at (732) 390-9199.

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