Connecting With The Past After Jewish Funeral Home Services

Jewish Funeral Home in East Brunswick, NJ

When you have services for a loved one at a Jewish Funeral Home in East Brunswick, NJ, that marks the end of their life. But they’re not someone you just forget and get over. They were a special individual who touched your life in unique ways. Death isn’t something you simply get over. Rather, it’s something you have to adjust to as time passes. You will want to connect with that person’s memory over the years, even as you move forward. Here are a few ways to do that even after their funeral services are complete.

Keep Pictures Around

If you have pictures of your loved one up in your house already, keep them up. Every time you walk by them, you can remember them from that moment and smile at what they brought to your life. If you don’t have pictures up, you might want to place one in a place of honor. Or, at least, leave the picture book out so you can flip through it and see them when you want to think about them and remember good times.

Visit Their Grave

Once the funeral home service is complete, you will likely move to the cemetery for a burial service. You can visit that cemetery grave during visiting hours and talk to your loved one. It might be a quiet time of reflection or you can tell them that you miss them and catch them up on what’s going on in your life. Visiting their resting place can give you a sense of connection with them.

Talk About Them

Just because your loved one is no longer physically there doesn’t mean you can’t bring up your memories of them. Talk about your loved one with other people who knew them or bring them up around friends when a memory comes to mind. Talking about them can make them seem more real and more connected to your life, even if only from the past.

Journal About Them

If you aren’t as comfortable talking about your feelings or telling stories, you could get your emotions out in a journal. Talk about your loved one to your journal. Tell stories there or work through your emotions as you write about the things you have on your mind. You could even write a letter to your loved one.

If you have had services for a loved one at a Jewish Funeral Home in East Brunswick, NJ, you can still have a connection with them as you move forward with your life. It’s a healthy way to grieve when you find new ways to connect with someone after they have passed on. Remembering them in special ways can help you find a new normal, which can be important to your healing. If you need help with services, the professionals at Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels are here for you. If you need grief resources to help you move forward, we have those as well. Contact us at any time with your questions.

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