Considering The Tone Of Your Funeral

Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ

If you are trying to plan your final services in advance with a Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ, there are a lot of details to consider. Along with the specific elements you want involved, you might want to think about the overall tone of the services. Do you want something somber and traditional or something that feels a bit more light and open? Here are some details to consider as you put plans into place.

Simple Is Always Nice

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going for something simple and traditional. You might want to have the normal elements that a Jewish funeral would include and beyond that, you want simplicity. You can keep the funeral small and simple and that can be enough for you. The tone of the funeral is simple, but also elegant, beautiful, and life-affirming.

Traditional Doesn’t Mean Stuffy

Traditions might be very important to you, especially where your Jewish faith is concerned. But traditions don’t have to mean that things feel stuffy in your funeral. The traditions are important because they make people feel comfortable and like they know what to expect. They can bring closure to those who need it and give everyone a chance to say goodbye at the same time. Traditions don’t have to feel stuffy, but rather comforting and familiar.

Style And Customizations Are Always Possible

When you make plans with the funeral home, there are some things that you want to be included, like Jewish traditions and customs. But there are also ways to customize the proceedings so that your family will feel your personality and style included in the event. You want them to remember you for the person you were and the customizations can help them to do just that.

When you work with a funeral home on your pre-plans, you have time on your side. You can think through every detail for as long as you want. Consider the elements with care because once they are in place, if you don’t change anything, that is what will happen when you pass on. Make sure your loved ones know where the plans are kept so when you pass on, they can call the funeral home and the plans you have put into place will take action. You can also let them in on what the exact plans are, if you so choose, so they aren’t surprised when the time comes.

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If you would like to consider making your own final service plans ahead of time, contact a Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ for details and advice. They can help you look through the options, consider all of the avenues, and get things into place and in writing. Call Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels if you have questions, want to look at packages, or are ready to make decisions and get everything in order. We can also be here for you if a loved one passes on and you need to plan something for their final services to honor them.

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