Death away from home

Death occurs when a family is traveling, or has moved away and WANTS to come home for the funeral. For that reason, we are available 24 hours per day to serve your immediate needs, at either (732) 390-9199 or (800) 395-9199.



When a death occurs away from home, we can easily make all arrangements for you, locally and within the US and internationally. In most cases, there is no need for you to have to deal with two funeral homes, since we can make all the necessary arrangements for you, with one phone call.

Transfers within the United States:
We work closely with a number of firms around the country to secure for you the best possible services that are efficient, professional, and cost-efficient. For the most part, when we make arrangements to bring someone back to NJ for funeral services, the firms we contact provide us with a “professional” courtesy rate, which we pass directly onto you – saving you hundreds of dollars. We do not feel a family should be penalized because the death does not occur at home, and for that reason, we do everything we can to make the situation easier, and to avoid unnecessary duplication of costs.

International Transfers:
We can make arrangements for international transfers as well. While these arrangements can be quite complex, our experience allows us to complete them with out unnecessary delay, and we handle all the details with securing the necessary paperwork, completing all documentation with the consulate, arranging for required inspections, and coordinating flight arrangements.

If the arrangements will require final disposition in another area, we can typically make those arrangements as well. If you cannot travel to where the burial will be held, we can make all the arrangements to ensure that your wishes are carried out exactly as specified.

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