Do You Need A Jewish Funeral Home?

Jewish funeral home in Monroe, NJ

There are quite a few different funeral homes in our area. When you have the need to use one, which do you call? Any funeral home can offer final services, but the types of services vary. If you think you might want a Jewish funeral home in Monroe, NJ, here are a few reasons why you would want to move in that direction and call Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels.

Reason 1: You Want Jewish Services

If you are of the Jewish faith yourself and you are planning your own services, it’s best to use a Jewish funeral home because you know they are experienced in carrying out the type of services you want. Can you get the right services from other funeral homes? Possibly. But you know a Jewish funeral home truly understands the rituals involved and will get the ceremony just right for your plans.

Reason 2: Your Loved One Was Jewish

Whether you understand what happens revolving around Jewish funerals or not, if you are planning for a loved one and they were Jewish, it’s safe to say that they would be more comfortable if you used a Jewish funeral home. You know the beliefs they held will be honored and the rituals will be automatically included. If you don’t know what all of them are, that’s okay because our Jewish funeral home will take care of it for you.

Reason 3: You Want Access To Jewish Cemeteries

If you are planning in advance, or planning for a loved one, if you want the burial to take place in a Jewish cemetery, using a Jewish funeral home will give you easier access. These funeral homes work with cemeteries of this nature on a regular basis and they can show you the options and describe the differences so you can find the right plot for you, your family, or someone who has passed away. Plus, we have after hours contact information and other means of reaching critical persons since Jewish burials are usually very time sensitive.

Reason 4: The Right Service Options

When you look into any funeral home, you want to make sure their service options are what you need them to be. If the Jewish funeral home has what you’d like to include for yourself or a loved one, it’s a lot easier to decide to go that direction than if they don’t have what you had in mind.

There are numerous funeral homes in the area, but if you would appreciate help from a Jewish funeral home in Monroe, NJ, contact the professionals at Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels. Mount Sinai serves families in Monroe, Edison, East Brunswick, and the surrounding areas and we would be happy to help you and yours. Call us at (732) 390-9199 to ask questions about our services or to set up a time to meet in person to go over details. We’re available to you at 454 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816 and we would be happy to show you around so you can see our modern facilities, the space we have to offer, and the location itself.

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