What to Expect at a Jewish Cremation Service

As a sign of honor to the person who has passed on, Jewish customs require that a funeral take place as soon as possible. Accompanying the person on their final journey is something kind that you can do for them. A Jewish cremation service takes on a number of traditions, customs, and rituals. It can be a unique event for those who are non-Jews and choose to attend. If you will be attending a Jewish cremation service in Helmetta, NJ, understanding what to expect is a great way to prepare yourself. It will be easier to blend in and avoid offending anyone. Here are a few things you can expect.

Dress Code and Timeliness

Customs require that everyone attending a Jewish cremation service dress appropriately. The dressing is a sign of dignity and respect for the person who passed on, the family, and the occasion as a whole. Men generally wear a suit and tie with a nice shirt while women dress in a modest skirt. Men will also have their head covered. Make sure you arrive early because the cremation service will start promptly on time, with or without you. You don’t want to walk in during the service. It shows disrespect to the family.

Plain Accessories

If you are attending a Jewish burial service, the casket will likely be made from plain wood, with no metals, but rather with wooden pegs. Jewish traditions dictate that the deceased should be buried without a coffin at all, but local laws do not allow that. Traditions require that coffins are very simple because the dead do not appreciate fine things, such as fancy coffins. If you are attending a cremation service, the urn may be plain and simple as well or the ashes may be scattered in a natural location.


Jewish traditions do not allow flowers during a service. The cremation service should be as simple as possible. So don’t bring or send flowers to the family of the deceased. Instead, make contributions to a charitable cause they hold dear to their hearts.

Participate When Necessary

When attending the service, try to participate in Jewish customs when possible. The family will see this as an act of kindness toward their loved one. You can also express your condolences by trying to comfort the mourners. Your presence is proof of your act of comfort, but if you want to go further, attempt to care for the mourners in their home.

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