Feeding Your Family Around The Jewish Funeral Home Service

Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ

When a family member passes on, your family may turn to a Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ to meet that person’s needs right away. Having the needs met and that care in place can give everyone peace of mind. But perhaps you aren’t the one doing the planning for those services and instead, you are concerned with caring for the rest of the family. While you can support those who are grieving by listening and offering hugs, their physical bodies need support as well. You can help your family by making sure everyone is fed and getting the nourishment they need so they have energy to get through the grieving process. Here are a few things to consider doing:

Arrange A Reception

Many families like to have a reception after the funeral home services so they can spend more time together, support one another, share further stories, and have a meal. Offer to take those plans off your family member’s shoulders. You can run a potluck and have everyone bring something. You can make the food yourself. Or you can have the meal catered. You can even arrange for a private room in a restaurant, and everyone can order what they want. There are plenty of options to consider and you can meet physical needs around this emotional time.

Start A Meal Train

There may be certain family members who are doing the largest parts of the planning and that means they may not be thinking about their own needs. Start a meal train so friends and other community members are able to pitch in and make and deliver meals to the family. You can set up a schedule, so each person is able to plan a meal for a certain time without overlapping with others. Together, you can cover the family’s meal needs for as long as you decide to set up the schedule.

Prepare Easily Grabbed Meals

When you provide a meal for the family, you might want to give the family something that is easy to grab. People might be coming and going and eating on the go could be easier. Put together some sandwiches, for example, that they can just get out of the fridge whenever they want. Soup in a crock pot is also easy since it can sit for a while and will still be nice and warm. Those types of meals can really help busy families while they are planning.

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Add Freezer Options

Often, families will get a lot of food when their loved one passes on. You might want to deliver a meal to them that they can easily put into the freezer to take out whenever they need it. Package it in meal sizes and in a container that can be frozen, and also one that can go into the over to be warmed up easily.

When your family has physical needs around Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ, you want to nourish them so they have the energy they have to have in order to grieve.

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