Fitting The Funeral Home Service Into A Budget

Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ

It can be a struggle to lose a loved one and know that you want to have the proper Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ service, but you don’t have the largest budget on hand. However, when you work with professionals and you are open about what you have to spend, there are things you can do to get what your loved one needs without going overboard on spending. Here are a few details to help you with your budgeting.

Keep Products Simple

There are certain things you have to have for a funeral and burial, like a casket for your loved one. But that doesn’t mean you have to get anything ornate, decorative, or expensive. In fact, in the Jewish faith, you don’t really want that anyway. Go for something practical and simple in the casket and other areas. Those things will serve their purpose and function well, but they won’t cost nearly as much as another option. If you are able to save money in that area, you can spend more somewhere else.

Let Others Shoulder Financial Burdens

There are likely going to be people who step up and offer to do certain things for you and your family, like perhaps hold the reception after the funeral service. You can offer to pay, but if they’d like to take that on themselves, let them and be thankful. That’s one less thing you have to fit into your budget. The person offering might feel honored to be able to provide your family with that service of a meal after the funeral and you don’t have to worry about planning or paying for it yourself.

Use Money Sent As Gifts

The funeral home will do their best to fit whatever you need into the budget you have available. But if you find that you are still running short on what you have to have for even the basics, there’s nothing wrong with using the monetary gifts people send to you in cards for your loved one’s services. People around you aren’t sure how to comfort you or what to send so they will often fall back on money. That can be a very thoughtful gift, especially when you need extra for services. Use what you need and if there are any gifts left over, you can donate them to a charity in your loved one’s honor.

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You want to give your loved one nothing but the best after they pass on, but sometimes the best really means something simple and straightforward with the Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ. The professionals at Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels are used to working with tight budgets. We understand that you may not have as much as you want to put toward the services for your loved one, but we are here to make sure that the special person in y our life who passed away will get whatever they need. We want to honor them and make sure you can do so in the way you see fit.

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