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Technology has come so far in recent years, it’s hard not to imagine where it will go next. While it can simplify some ways of doing things, it also complicates matters when a person passes away. Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels, your Jewish funeral home in East Brunswick, NJ strongly recommends that you prepare your digital afterlife in advance to make things as easy on your family as possible. Today we all have an extensive online life that includes email, social media, and much more. You may have somewhat simpler lifestyle online, but at the very least, you probably have some bank accounts, data storage, and other such things. It’s easier for you to keep track of the details now than for family to figure them out alone later. Here’s some advice to help your digital afterlife once it’s in your family’s hands.

Record Passwords

You might use the same three passwords for accounts over and over again or perhaps you mix up random letters and numbers on every password. Either way, your family may have no idea what your passwords are. Keep a record of your accounts, your user names, and passwords. Of course, you don’t want to leave a book of these sitting next to the computer. Instead, put it in a fireproof safe that locks or perhaps even in a safety deposit box. Let your family member know how to access the passwords when they need them in the future.

Have Physical Records

Most companies now offer digital bills so you don’t have to get so much snail mail and leave such a big paper trail. It’s convenient and it saves paper and money all at the same time. But you’ll want to have a few physical records for your family members. Print a bill every now and then or a bank statement and keep them in a file cabinet so your family has access to that information when they need it as well.

Track Even Basic Use

If you use the online world a lot for purchases, it can be hard to remember all of the accounts you have. But keep track of the ones you use a lot, like online groceries, digital book outlets, and so on so your family can get those accounts shut down before someone notices you have passed away and misuses that account in your name. People prey on the deceased and online is the perfect shadow in which to do so.

These are a few ways you can prepare your family for your future death in taking care to mark your digital life so they can figure out how to shut things down when that time comes. The preferred Jewish funeral home in East Brunswick, NJ , Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels is the community resource for all sorts of topics revolving around death and we can help you with the right resources. Call us at (732) 390-9199 or visit us at 454 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816.

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