Funeral Home Etiquette To Remember

Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ

Most people don’t have to visit the Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ all that often so when you are invited to a funeral for someone you knew, or to support a friend, it’s good to brush up on the etiquette that goes along with these types of services.

What are the proper etiquettes for a funeral?

Be On Time

No one wants to hear you come in late when they are mourning the death of someone they loved. You need to get there on time. If you are usually late to things, tell yourself that the service is half an hour before it really is. If you do happen to be late because you couldn’t avoid a traffic jam due to an accident, sit in the back so you don’t disrupt anyone.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

While black is traditional, you don’t have to wear black to a funeral these days. Anything dark or muted works. You want to wear something modest that covers you and shows respect to the family and the deceased. Wear something that you would wear to church or to a business meeting and you should be okay. If the family has made any special requests about clothing, follow them.

Leave The Phone Behind

Most people don’t spend any time away from their phones, but funerals are one time to definitely leave the phone behind. If you forget to leave it in the car, turn it off when you enter the funeral home so there is no chance of ringing or even buzzing that would possibly disrupt someone. Don’t check the phone while you are there, either. Any messages you get can wait until you get back to the car.

Greet The Family

Jewish funeral home in Edison NJ 6 212x300If the family made an effort to let you know about the funeral, or even if you just showed up because it was open to the public and you saw the announcement in the paper, you should let the family know you are there. It’s nice for them to have your support behind them on such a difficult day. Letting them know you are there to honor their loved one can help them move forward in the process.

If you are getting ready for a final service at a Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ, you don’t want to offend or bother anyone with your attendance. If you have any questions about how things work today, because they have changed from the past, contact the professionals at

Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels and we can help you go from there. You can ask any questions you have, and we are able to guide you through the process about what to wear, what to say, what you might want to bring to offer the family, and so on. You can also stop by if you’d like to get an idea as to what the location might look like on the day of the funeral to better prepare yourself.

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