Grief Care Package Ideas From Jewish Funeral Homes

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While it is a tradition not to send flowers to a Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ when a friend’s family member passes on, there are still other things you can do to show your support to that person. One of the most common things to do is to simply send a condolence card, possibly with some money. The money can be used to cover some of the services or to donate to a charity in that person’s name. Another thing you might do, even later on, to remind your friend that you are there for them, is to send a grief care package of some kind. You want that person to know you understand they are hurting, and you are there to support them. Here are some of the things you might put in such a package.


Comfort Food Items

What does your friend enjoy drinking? Perhaps put some tea bags in or some flavored coffee s to remind them how well you know them and how much you care. You can also put in some dried fruit, a little chocolate, and some other such items. A gift card to a nearby restaurant that allows takeout and delivery is another good idea. They can get a good meal whenever they want it with you in mind.



What does your friend like doing? Providing something in the basket that could distract them from their grief, even for a little while, is a nice thought. Perhaps put in a gift card to a movie rental box or even a DVD of a comedy you know they like. A new book by their favorite author is great or some recent magazines to help them catch up on the latest. They can take a break from their grieving, with your help.


Self-Care Items

Jewish funeral home in Edison NJ 4 223x300While some households get overrun with food, self-care items are a nice addition to a basket during a time of grief. Put in some scented candles, bubble bath, lip balm, and other things they might need or appreciate, but might not be buying themselves today. They need to take care of themselves in order to take care of their grief and these items might remind them of that.


Sending a grief care package is a wonderful thought and can mean the world to someone who is going through a hard time right now. If you need other ideas for things you might include, the Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ can help you come up with ideas. Tell us about your friend and we can come up with customized ideas to help you figure out what kind of basket would be best. The professionals at Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels can help you figure things out for final services and for other things afterwards. We’re still here with the services are complete, whether you need grief resources, you are a friend who needs ideas on supporting someone, or anything in between. We’re here to help in every way possible.

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