Handling A Loss Around Passover

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There’s no good time to lose a loved one, but when you have to deal with the holiday of Passover while you are making plans with a Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ, it can feel like too much. The holiday has always meant a lot to you but not, it’s clouded around your loved one’s passing. Here are a few ways to handle that loss while the holiday continues on.

Lean On Family For Support

Your family is going to be an important support system to you during this time in your life. They are going to want to reach out, give you shoulders to cry on, make you meals, and help with the final services—let them. That kind of support is what you need to remind yourself that while one loved one is gone, you have other people in your life who love you and want to be there for you. That can only help as you move forward.

Go Through Some Normal Rituals

While it might be hard to feel like you are ready to celebrate and appreciate some of the normal rituals you usually go through with Passover, the holiday isn’t going to wait. It’s an important time of the year and you may not feel like participating in everything you normally do, but acknowledge the holiday and go through some of the normal rituals so you can get what you need from this time of year even when you are dealing with a loved one’s death and final services.

Find Ways To Incorporate Your Loved One

In order to make it through future Passover holidays, you are going to have to find a new sense of normal. But this year, you want to involve your loved one who recently passed on in some way or another. Perhaps when your family gathers, you can simply have everyone share a short memory of them. You could have a moment of silence for them. Or you could set a place at the table for them and leave it empty. Find some ways to incorporate your loved one, even in their absence. You might even find a new tradition that can help you get through future holidays.

Reflect During Traditional Services

Attending the traditional services around Passover can be of comfort to you. Perhaps you always used to go with your loved one and you know that’s something they would want you to continue doing. Reflect on their life as well as the importance of the holiday when you attend those services and soak it all in.

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Look Through Memorabilia

When you want to think about your loved one over the holiday season, look through some of the items they left behind that remind you of them. Go through the things they collected, items they wore, and photo albums to remember them.

The Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ can give you the compassion and support you need to get through this hard time, even around Passover. Contact Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels and your loved one will be in good hands.

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