Helping A Loved One Plan Ahead With A Jewish Funeral Home

Jewish funeral home in Monroe, NJ

There are some topics that you don’t like discussing with family members. Politics, for example, might be a touchy subject. No one really likes talking about the end of their life, either. Especially when it leads you to imagining what life would be like without that special person. However, if a family member wants you to help them with their final plans, it’s an honor to contact a Jewish funeral home in Monroe, NJ and make those plans alongside them. Here are a few ways you can help.

Show Your Support

Keep in mind that while your loved one might ask your opinion on certain things, these final service plans are theirs and theirs alone. Don’t get pushy about things you want, but rather support the decisions they make. They have asked you to help because they want your support and perhaps your opinion. But they don’t need you to second-guess them on things they want.

Be A Second Set Of Ears

When you visit with the Jewish funeral home, you might get a lot of information. Your loved one may not be able to take it all in and there might be things they forget about later that could be very important. Go along with them when they make that visit and be a second set of eyes and ears to help them recall things later so they can make decisions with all of the important details lined up in their minds. You could even take some paper along and take notes to help.

Help Them With The Budget

Setting up final services in advance means your loved one has the option of paying upfront for these services as well. If they have decided they want to do that, you can help them stick to whatever budget they have in mind. Point out packages that are within their budget range and if they want to change anything or rearrange anything, help them to recognize what parameters they have based on the budget they have set.

Follow Through With Wishes

Jewish funeral home in Monroe NJ 2 300x201When your loved one makes these arrangements, they might have some special jobs for you. Perhaps they would like for you to be in charge of the reception or they’ll ask you to put together a memory book. Whatever they ask you to do, be willing and then, in the future, make sure you follow through with those wishes. It’s an honor for them to place you in charge of something that is important to them.


Visiting a Jewish funeral home in Monroe, NJ isn’t usually easy, even when you are pre-planning, because it makes you think of the finite nature of life. But if a loved one wants you by their side when they talk to the professionals at Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels, you should definitely move forward and help them out as they make their final plans. Everyone will know what they wanted to have happen when the time comes.

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