Helping Someone Pre-Plan Their Services At A Jewish Funeral Home

Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ

Not everyone plans ahead all the way to the end of their life. But it’s never too early to put plans into place with a Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ. If you have a loved one who is looking into doing so, no matter how young or healthy they might be, it’s a great idea to follow through. Here are a few things you can do to help.

Visit The Funeral Home With Them

Once your loved one narrows down the options and chooses a funeral home to visit, you can go with them to see what it’s like. You are a second pair of eyes and ears. You might think of things they haven’t and be able to point them out. Or, at the very least, you are a good support system. It’s not easy to plan your own services and it’s something your loved one should do with you behind them the whole way.

Look Over Packages With Them

Funeral homes offer basic packages that include everything you need for a final service. Those packages can be changed and customized, but they are a good place to start. Help your loved one go over each package, ruling out the ones that are obviously not for them and weighing the pros and cons of those that are left. Again, you might be able to point out a few things they hadn’t thought of before.

Support Their Decisions

While your loved one might know what they want for their final services after they look over the options, they might feel unsure as to what your family will want and need when that time comes. That’s where you can come in to support their decisions. Reassure them that when the time comes, the family will want to do what they wanted to have done. Being supportive can help them feel confident about what they have chosen.

Help Them Stick To A Budget

If your loved one has put a budget into place for this process, they can inform you of this so that you can help them stick to that budget. If they’re paying in advance, it’s important that they have the money available for the payment. If they want to save up to pay eventually, they might have a plan in mind. Help them to choose services and products that will fit into their price parameters.

When you are helping a loved one with their pre-plans at a Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ, it can feel surreal. Keep in mind that you have time on your side and there’s no rush to put the plans into place. The professionals at Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels help people plan in advance on a regular basis and we are here to help you and your loved one get plans into place. You can call us to go over some of the basics and to set up a time to come in and visit in person.

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