How Do You Know You Need Grief Help?

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No matter what anyone else tells you, there’s no timeline on grief. And yes, things might start to feel better after a while, but death isn’t something you get over. Rather, it’s something you adjust to in a gradual manner. After you have worked with a Jewish funeral home in Monroe, NJ to give your loved one a proper send-off, you might find yourself deep in grief. While that’s to be expected, there might come a time when you recognize that you need help getting through the grief. There’s nothing wrong with looking for additional help. Here are a few signs that you might want to reach out for help, whatever that looks like to you.

Sign 1: You’re Sleeping Constantly

It’s to be expected that you would have some sadness and depression around the death of your loved one. But as time passes, you should feel more capable of getting through the day without as much sleep and possibly without as many tears. If you find that you only feel okay when you are asleep, and you are asleep most of the time, you need to seek help to get you through this difficult period. You need to be able to function and get through the days ahead of you without constant sleep.

Sign 2: Things Are Getting Worse

People will tell you that time heals all wounds. That isn’t always true with grief. While your ‘wounds’ won’t necessarily heal completely, you will be able to adapt to them and live with them. If you feel that your pain is actually getting worse instead of better, that’s when you need to seek help. You should find yourself going longer stretches without crying instead of shorter stretches. Of course, there are going to be good days and bad, but if you feel you’re sinking lower, get help before it gets worse.

Sign 3: You’re Isolating Yourself

There are most certainly times when you are grieving that you just want to be alone, and that’s fine. But if you’ve noticed yourself turning down invites from friends, calling in sick to work, and locking yourself in your home just to be alone for long stretches of time, that’s not healthy. You need the comfort and support of other people to get through this hard time. Take a few friends up on their invitations. If you can’t, it’s a good idea to get help while you can.

There’s nothing easy about grieving, but when you work with a Jewish funeral home in Monroe, NJ, they will also have the professional help you need through the resources they have available. You can contact Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels for help with a loved one’s final services, but you can also call us again later and ask for grief resources. We have contacts with local grief support groups, counselors, and other items that might help you get the help you need before you sink too much farther into your grief.

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