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Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ

When was the last time you attended a final service at a Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ? Did you notice how things went well and flowed nicely? That didn’t happen by accident. There are literally hundreds of details to funerals and implementing them takes strategic planning and experience so everything comes together flawlessly. When you work with our Jewish funeral home on final services for a loved one, you get all the help you need for the perfect event to honor their memory. Many if not most of the details are behind the scenes, and it’s our job to take much of these burdens off your shoulders. Here are some of the things our staff does that you may not notice.

 Easy Transportation

When your loved one passes away, members of our CareTeam will transfer them into our care at the place of death and transport them respectfully to our funeral home facility. It’s not something just anyone can do and it’s not even something you want just anyone to do for your loved one. Once the funeral service is complete, the funeral home will also transport your loved one from the funeral home (or synagogue, depending on where you have the services) to the cemetery for their burial.

Proper Staffing and Assistance

When you arrive at the funeral home for your loved one’s final services, everything is set up and ready for your family. There’s no need to arrive early to ensure things are as they should be. All of that is done for you. At our funeral chapel, we always have more than adequate staff to handle parking, setting up the funeral procession, dealing with guests and mourners, etc. In fact, we are frequently complimented by clergy on our staffing, something they appreciate and don’t experience at other chapels.

 Carrying Out The Details

People experience a loss very infrequently, and don’t have any idea of what goes into planning a proper funeral. Obviously, our funeral home does and they will carry out the distinct details that need to be involved. Not only that, but once you know what you want for your loved one, you can tell us what plans you want to put into place and we will carry those out as well.

The Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ is there to help you honor your loved one with dignity and respect. We want nothing but the best for your family member and will work behind the scenes and in the background to make sure everyone gets a chance to say a final goodbye and remember your loved one in the way you see fit. You can contact the professionals at Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels for all the help you need by calling (732) 390-9199. We serve Monroe, Edison, East Brunswick, and the surrounding areas and you can visit us at 454 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816.

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