Jewish Funeral Home Etiquette

Jewish funeral home Edison, NJ

You may have never attended final services at funeral services in Edison, NJ before, and when you are invited to one for someone you know, it’s wise of you to look into the etiquette matters so you can fit in and not stand out. You want to be respectful to the family and you want to honor their loved one in the way they see fit. Here are a few pieces of etiquette to keep in mind as you approach this important service.

The Dress Code

If you aren’t sure how to dress for this occasion, it’s definitely something you will want to find out. You want to fit in without standing out and you certainly want to be respectful at all times. You can contact the funeral home holding the services any time and they can offer you ideas and suggestions for attending a Jewish funeral service as to what you should wear to such an occasion. You can also contact the family members and see what they have to say, though you may want to talk to someone a bit more distant and not a direct relative since they are already dealing with a lot. In general, wearing something dark in color and conservative in style will be suitable for this occasion.

Arrive Slightly Early

You don’t want to be late for a funeral. There’s a hard and fast start time and it’s best to arrive a few minutes early so you can get a seat, settle in, and respectfully wait for things to begin. You don’t want to be late, but you also don’t want to be too early. Being there too early can put pressure on the family and they are already dealing with a lot.

Talk To The Family

The family will appreciate your support in being at the event, but they will not search the crowd for you. They may not know you are there unless you speak to them in person. You want to let them know that you are there for them and that you are sorry for their loss. Think about what you want to say, but remember, it doesn’t have to be anything huge or enlightening. You simply have to be sincere and let them know you are thinking about them. That can mean a lot.

Jewish funeral home Edison NJ

Consider A Sympathy Gift

It’s certainly not required, but it is often nice to bring something to the family to show your sympathy. You don’t want to bring flowers to the funeral home for a Jewish ceremony, but you can bring a condolence card, perhaps with a donation to a charity that the family supports. You can also bring food to the family in the week following the service, or offer your time to run errands for them.

If you need further advice on attending services at a Jewish funeral home Edison, NJ, the funeral professionals are here to answer your questions. They meet the needs of the deceased, but they are also there to support you in being there for the family.

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