Jewish Funeral Home Tips For Writing Sympathy Cards

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When you hear that a friend has lost a loved one, and they are having services at a Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ, you might want to send a sympathy card to them. If you are able to attend the services they are having for their loved one, that’s always a nice gesture as well. But it’s also nice to send a card so they know you are thinking of them. Once you sit down with that card, what should you write? Here are a few ideas to help you write that sympathy card in a way that will come across well.

Get A Nice Card

Sympathy cards can have a nice picture on the front and be blank on the inside. They can also say something like ‘with sympathy’ or ‘thinking of you’ on the inside or outside. Once you have a card that has an appropriate look and tone to it, you can move forward with personalizing it.

Express Your Sympathy

One of the reasons you are sending the card is because you want the person to know that you are sorry for their loss. Saying that in the card might feel cliché, but it’s the perfect thing to say. Just tell your friend that you are sorry for what they are going through. That can be enough.

Tell Them Of Your Thoughts

Usually when someone you know loses a loved one, you will think of them more often in relation to what they are going through. Tell them that they are in your thoughts and prayers. You know that nothing you say can really make them feel better, but it can help, even a little bit, to hear that people care about them and are thinking of them and praying for them. It’s a nice sentiment.

Offer To Help With Something

If you know your friend is going to need help with certain things, offer your help in those areas. While it’s nice to say something like, let me know what I can help with, it’s even nicer to offer help in certain areas. If your friend lost their spouse and that spouse always took care of the yard work, offer to mow the grass for them for the next few months as they get their feet back under them. When you offer help in a card, make sure you follow up on that offer later.

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When you are trying to write a sympathy card for a friend who is going through a tough loss, you can always call the local Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ for further advice. We are here to help people plan final services, but we are also here to help you support the grieving through the hard process they are dealing with. The experts at Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels are here to help you write that card, offer ideas for things you can send, and everything else you might need help with along the way.

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