Fred Koved

Frederick Koved, a World War II Navy Veteran, passed away peacefully at the age of 94. Fred graduated from the Bronx High School of Science, City College of New York and New York University. Fred was an enthusiastic member of the Boy Scouts of America, where he earned the rank of Eagle Scout, and was elected to the Order of the Arrow. For twenty years Fred was a Boy Scout adult volunteer in the Bronx. Fred trained as an electrical engineer and became a business strategist guiding the development of products with which we are now very familiar in the aeronautical and automobile industries, including anti-lock brakes and automatic landing for aircraft. Fred and Ruth were married 57 years, and are survived by two sons and four grandchildren.

Fred was a larger than life inspiration who will be sorely missed. Donations in his name can be made to The Meadow Lakes Education Award Fund. Please direct any correspondence to Mount Sinai Memorial Chapel.

Services were private, under the direction of MOUNT SINAI MEMORIAL CHAPELS, East Brunswick. To leave a message of condolence, pleas visit the "Tributes" page.

Elana Berlinger on Jul 2, 2020

I got to be very fond of Fred when I was his “secretary” when he needed typing for his travel club at Meadow Lakes. I enjoyed his sense of humor. He was an asset wherever he was. I will miss him.
Elana Berlinger

Marilyn Elias on Jul 1, 2020

Ruth and Fred were an important and wonderful presence in my life and in my family's life. I want to share examples of his unique and very endearing ways. When we visited, often and mostly unannounced, Fred would open the door and immediately say "Delighted!" What a wonderful welcome! Michael and Larry were born two years apart when I was a young teenager. Both Fred and Ruth encouraged our visits and my interaction with these two little guys and truly enjoyed my happiness as I played with the first babies I ever became close to. Although Fred has now gone to join his beloved Ruth, he will always be vividly with us sharing his positivity and his love.

Teresa Weatherly on Jul 1, 2020

May 31, 2016
We visited Fred at his place in NJ.
Michael, myself, Catherine and her best friend Brittani shared one of his beautiful outdoor walks (Fred took the picture) and then we discovered a new talent and hobby - his pencil drawings with amazing detail. I believe Fred Koved lived life to its fullest!

Eric Fryxell on Jun 30, 2020

Eric Fryxell on Jun 30, 2020

Cousin Fred, it is written here, was larger than life. His title is “cousin,” because that is my mother’s name for him. Ruthie is her first cousin.

“Larger than life” illustrates the discordance between the fondness and familiarity that I feel for him (and I think I speak for my family), and the rarity of our visits. At Sudbury, Cape Cod, New Jersey; Manhattan, Boston, and both of my family’s houses at Cincinnati - at each of these visits, his enthusiasm, hospitality, desire for adventure, jokes, genuine interest and warm hearted pranks, made us feel very close to him.

One Thanksgiving, he and Cousin Ruthie came to Cincinnati. As always, I was engaged in industrial scale production of pumpkin pies and breads. From the moment he stepped into the house, Cousin Fred was fascinated by the process, which occupies the bulk of the large kitchen, leaving little room for my mother’s bowl of tangerines and other assorted items. Before I knew it, Cousin Fred was pitching in and I was giving him orders. All was running smoothly, despite the rapid fire chatting, conversing and joking, until I was aware of a small furtive movement, and before I could utter a sound, Cousin Fred had tossed a tangerine into the pumpkin purée in the food processor. Laughing, of course, he acted as if this was the most natural thing to do. He unilaterally and permanently altered the character of those pies and breads. And were they delicious! And to this day, including yesterday, I always add minced citrus rind to pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie. And the sweet flavors always draw complements from my guests and bring thoughts of Cousin Fred to me.

— Eric Fryxell

Alec and Dotty on Jun 30, 2020

Sol and Fred in 2015 in Florida.

Michael on Jun 30, 2020

Sherman Wolf family on Jun 28, 2020

Ruth, Fred & Sherman in the Caribbean

Sherman Wolf family on Jun 28, 2020

Fred and Sherman with crewmates at Pier 14 NYC in 1946
USS Wiltsie Plank holders

Sherman Wolf on Jun 28, 2020

Fred & Sherman in the Grand Canyon in 1956

Janice Grillo on Jun 28, 2020

I will miss cousin Fred! Ruth and Fred were such a lovely couple who my parents adored! Not only were they cousins but they were best friends! Even in their retirement years, the couples would always talk on the phone, visit each other in New York, Maryland, Cape Cod. Fred loved to plan trips for them, especially all the cruises they took in their later years. I remember growing up, we would visit them in White Plains; Fred had clocks all over the house, he loved to work on his clocks! I remember Fred's workshop in the basement! Fred always had a big smile on his face and had a positive attitude, even during this crazy pandemic when I would call and check on him! Fred always loved to tell us stories about the cousins growing up and he would always remind us how we were all related. Cheers to you cousin Fred! I know you're up there now with the rest of the gang and cousin Adeline is probably leading the Congo line as you all are watching down on all of us kids!❤️❤️

Janice Grillo on Jun 28, 2020

Lance Koved on Jun 28, 2020

My uncle Fred was the most positive upbeat person. I never knew him to say a bad word about anyone. He went out of his way to be welcoming to my family over the years. I could always rely on him to tell me about family activities as he kept in touch with all branches of the family. He was also very modest as I had no idea of his professional accomplishments until recent years. Ever the traveler, I enjoyed hearing of his adventures. As a young person I remember there was always a travel trailer in the driveway at the Hartsdale home. We were fortunate to be able to visit with Fred often when he visited Florida in recent years. He will be missed.

Norman Elias on Jun 27, 2020

His positive outlook always lifted our spirits. He always made you comfortable in his presence.

Norman and Marilyn Elias on Jun 27, 2020

From our wedding, Sept. 6, 1970

Alec Wisch on Jun 27, 2020

Alec and Dotty Wisch on Jun 27, 2020


Wonderful times throughout the years......

Geryl Silver on Jun 27, 2020

Cousin Jan & I were talking that now Fred can join the other cousins ( and Ruth) for a cousins club in Heaven!! He was one of my favorite cousins. Always so jovial and positive.

Larry Koved on Jun 27, 2020

Fred in 1956

Michael Koved on Jun 27, 2020



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