Offering Your Help To The Bereaved

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There are many reasons in your life that you might reach out and help a friend in need. But when someone you know is going through planning final services with a Jewish funeral home in Monroe, NJ, extending a hand to help can be even more important. People who are grieving often feel like they are in a fog and they don’t always think of everything that they need to do. You can be there for them in a number of ways. Here are a few to consider:

Offer To Organize The Reception

Often times, families will have a funeral for their loved one and then follow it up with a reception. The reception is more light-hearted and allows families to share stories and memories of their loved one as well as simply catch up with one another and share a meal. Planning a final service is a large burden in the first place. If you offer to take the reception off your friend’s hands and plan that yourself, that can be a big help.

Offer To House Family

If your friend has family coming in from out of town, sure, they can stay in a hotel. And perhaps they would prefer that. But it’s possible that not every family member will have the money to travel and pay for a hotel. Others simply might be more comfortable in a home. Either way, you can offer any spare room you have to put up family members so they have a place to stay.

Offer Transport

You could also offer to ferry family members to and from the airport, to and from the funeral, and so on. Your friend won’t feel responsible for every detail and the family members won’t have to rent vehicles to get around, which is just another expense.

Lend Your Ear

Sometimes, all your friend really needs is someone to listen to them. Make sure they know you are there for them and you are willing to listen to their stories, hold them as they grieve, and lend your shoulder whenever they need it. Just knowing they have that kind of support can help them get through some of the hardest times.

Keep in mind that while the Jewish funeral home in Monroe, NJ will help your grieving friend plan and implement final services, there are plenty of things you can do around those services to show your compassion and support as well. If you’d like suggestions, contact the professionals at Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels. You can call us at (732) 390-9199, ask questions, get ideas, and find the support you need as someone trying to help a person who is grieving. We serve those in the Edison, Monroe, and East Brunswick regions and we are here for you. Visit us in person at 454 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816 if you need to organize final services yourself and you’d like to see how we operate and ask for details. Our funeral director can offer any answers you need.

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