Post Funeral Services—Going Back To Work

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When you lose a close family member, you will likely take time off from work so you can work with the Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ, spend time with your family, take care of your loved one’s needs, and grieve. Eventually, the time will come when you have to go back to work. It can be hard to head back into the world after you lose someone close to you. Here are some things you might consider doing as you approach going back to work after a death in your family.

Go Back Slowly

You may not want to jump right in and head back to work full time after you lose someone close to you. Perhaps go back for a few hours a day or work from home for a bit so you don’t fall too far behind. If you have the time to spare, ease yourself back into the working world so you are sure you can handle it along with your grief. If you do go back to work full time soon after the services, you may want to plan to take breaks during the day to get away from the office for a breather.

Have Your Supervisor Let Co-Workers In On Your Situation

You probably let your direct supervisor know that you needed to take time off due to a death in your family. You may have also told a close co-worker or two, but not everyone you work with knows what is going on. You might want to ask your supervisor to let people know you are on bereavement. so they are prepared when you come back to treat you with compassion and respect. They are less likely to say the wrong thing on accident if they know what you have been through, even if you don’t get into the details.

Avoid Too Many Breaks With Co-Workers

You might be used to meeting co-workers in the break room and chatting about what’s going on with you and with them. When you are just going back after the death of a family member, you might want to avoid those breaks, so you don’t have to rehash your circumstances and talk about your emotions with too many people in one day. Take your lunch with you and avoid the break room for a bit so you don’t have to talk about your emotions when you don’t want to.

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Focus On Work

Going back to work can help you to find a new sense of normal in your life. Getting back to the grind can help you to move forward with your grief as well. Focus on your work so you can remind yourself that life goes on. The professionals at the Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ can help you with more tips as you head back to work.

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