Preserving Memorials With Jewish Funeral Homes

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The past few months have been hard for anyone, but if you had a life-changing event occur, like the loss of a loved one, it was even harder for you. The local Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ has stayed on top of the situation, so they’re aware of any applicable restrictions. All you wanted to do when your loved one passed on was honor their memory and make sure they were cared for in the proper manner. Even though standard burial and other rituals could be carried out the whole time, there were definitely also alternations to what could and couldn’t be done. For example, some services had to be outside and all services had to be limited in the number of people who were permitted to attend. That means that as someone in mourning, you had to adjust your expectations and find a different way to begin the healing process.

Perhaps the first thing that hit you hard was the lack of people at the funeral service. You could only invite a handful and the rest had to stay away and perhaps watch the live stream event that you had set up. You wouldn’t get to see extended family members and friends, as you normally would. You wouldn’t get to hear stories from people who meant a lot to your loved one, but people you don’t normally interact with yourself. You might feel more lonely and isolated when the funeral occurs. While that can be very hard, keep in mind that your closest family is still there for you. And you can make an effort to reach out to the others from your loved one’s life later on when things are cleared up.

funeral home in Edison NJ 1 201x300You might also feel as if you have not properly honored your loved one because of the changes you have to make. Remember that you were not in charge of the restrictions and all you did was the best you could do with the rules that were in place. Also keep in mind that just because you had the formal funeral service for your loved one doesn’t mean you can’t have another memorial including more people in the future. You can gather people in a park or in your home or wherever else you want and make sure everyone gets a chance to say goodbye.

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never going to be easy, but right now, restrictions make it even harder. The Edison, NJ Jewish funeral home is here to help you understand what you can and can’t do and what the safety precautions are that you can take along the way. Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels understands that you are grieving and some of the restrictions that are in place can make that process even harder on you. We are keeping a close eye on what’s allowed so we can give you just the right advice and help you through this situation with as much peace of mind as possible.

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