Preserving Memories When A Loved One Passes On

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There’s never a good time to lose a loved one, but when someone special in your family passes on, you will likely be preoccupied with your grief and the plans you are making for them at the Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ. Once you get through the services and the initial mourning period, you might start to think about ways you can further honor the person who passed on. There’s no rule that says you can’t celebrate a person later on, after their services are done and the traditions are complete. Whenever you want to remember your loved one, here are things you could do.

Have A Meal With Relatives

Perhaps when your loved one’s birthday or a specific anniversary rolls around, you might want to invite loved ones over to your house for a meal. You can have some of your deceased loved one’s favorite things and talk about that person as you share time and special memories together. Starting a new tradition around a special day can help you to move forward with a new sense of normal without forgetting your loved one and the special place they held in your life.

Hold Larger Memorials

Things are still somewhat restricted right now as to what you can do for services, how many people can gather, and so on. If you want to hold a larger memorial for your family member later when these restrictions can be safely loosened up or lifted altogether, you can certainly do so. You can hold something in the Jewish funeral home, or you can have something in a park, a community center, or elsewhere. Once the standard funeral is behind you, you can still celebrate a loved one’s life at another time.

Book A Restaurant

People often have some kind of reception after a funeral and that’s a nice way to spend time with family. But you can have another “reception-like” event at a later date as well. Book a private room in your deceased loved one’s favorite restaurant and share memories while you talk over their favorite dishes. Family can get together, catch up, and reminisce — all at the same time.

Holding events outside the funeral services can be special for you and your family. These occasions don’t have to be formal or to incorporate any traditions, but rather can be something that your family appreciates as a time to gather, share memories, and talk about what your deceased loved one meant to everyone involved.

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When someone in your family passes on and you want certain traditions to be met, contact the Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ for help with all of the details. We are here to ensure that your family member gets nothing but the best care. In turn, you will get the utmost compassion and support along the way. The professionals at Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels want to adhere to traditions and see you honoring your loved one in the way they would have appreciated and the way you see fit.

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