Questions Many Ask About Cremation Services

Most people are turning to cremation over traditional burial today, even under the Jewish traditions. There are a number of reasons for that including convenience, budget, environmental concerns and more. While you may have attended services in an East Brunswick Jewish funeral home in the past, you probably still have some questions about it if you are about to make a decision one way or another for your loved one who passed on. Read through MCshiva 300x148these questions and answers to help your family make the right choice.


Is Cremation Less Costly Than Traditional Burial?
In one word, yes. At least generally. Many people choose a cremation service because of the lowers costs. There aren’t embalming charges, casket costs, plot fees, and many other services that traditional burials generally include. All of that can add up so budgets that are tight often go with cremation services. However, keep in mind that cremation services can add up as well if you choose a lot of things to go along with the cremation itself. But in general, cremation is much less costly.

What Are The Options For The Ashes?

Some people who have never gone through a cremation service before don’t really know what to do with the ashes of their loved one. There are plenty of options there. The ashes, for example, can still be placed in a Jewish cemetery through burying or in a columbarium. Or, they can be scattered in a special location. You can even keep the ashes in an urn within your home. There are many different options.

Is Cremation That Much Better For The Environment?

Many believe that cremation is better for the environment and that is due to a variety of reasons. Sure, the cremation process itself puts emissions into the air, but it does not take up as much (or any!) ground space as a traditional burial. It also does not put harmful chemicals into the ground and takes a lot of stress off space issues. While cremation is not a completely “green” process, it’s certainly more friendly to the environment than traditional burial options.

Can The Family Watch The Process?

Most cremation service providers let family members view the process to give them closure to their grief, but it is not always possible. Check with the funeral home you choose to see if this is an option if you would like to witness the cremation process.

Do you have other questions about cremation services you’d like to ask an East Brunswick, NJ Jewish funeral home? Contact the professionals at Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels to find out any details you want to know. We’re located at 454 Cranbury Road (at Evergreen Blvd.) East Brunswick, NJ 08816 and you can certainly stop by and ask about cremation services. You can also call us at (800) 395-9199 or (732) 390-9199 to speak with a funeral director and start making decisions for your loved one’s final services. We even have information online that can help you with details. Visit our website at to get started.

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