Reasons to Go with a Jewish Funeral Home

If your loved one passes on and leaves you with planning the funeral services in Cranbury, NJ, you may feel overwhelmed by the task. Which funeral home should you choose? There are certainly enough in the area to give you plenty of options. However, you might want to consider a Jewish funeral home for a number of reasons. Here are just a few to keep in mind.

Your Loved One was Jewish

If your loved one was Jewish and held that heritage near and dear to their heart, it makes sense to go with a Jewish funeral home in Cranbury, NJ. You want to make sure everything is done in accordance with their faith and while you can do that with other funeral homes, it’s a guarantee when you work with a Jewish funeral home. The Jewish funeral home will already know all of the customs and beliefs, and you won’t have to worry about explaining anything or mixing anything up.

Your Family Wants Traditional Jewish Services

If your family is traditional and wants to do things the way they have always been done in accordance with the Jewish traditions, it’s best to use a Jewish funeral home. If you’ve been to other Jewish funerals before, you know they go along with a strong set of customs and beliefs. When you want that for your loved one, so your family can grieve in the way they see fit and are comfortable with, it’s really best to go with a Jewish funeral home.

You Want to Support Jewish Businesses

It’s always nice to be able to support your own culture, and when you have a Jewish funeral home help you with the final arrangements, you are doing just that. You are working with people who have the same beliefs and customs as you do, and you are supporting their endeavors in the community.

You Get a Greater Understanding

Funerals homes aren’t always customized based on faith. While many will do a variety of services with a number of cultural backgrounds, those that aren’t specifically Jewish don’t always understand the customs and rituals. For example, Jewish funerals discourage the use of flowers. While some funeral homes may abide by that for a Jewish funeral, they also might not fully understand what lies behind that.

When you are ready to get help after a loved one passes on, contact the local experts at Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels. We’re located at 454 Cranbury Road (at Evergreen Blvd.) East Brunswick, NJ 08816 and we will treat your loved one and your family with nothing but the utmost respect and compassion. We follow the Jewish customs and beliefs every step of the way, and we want your loved one to have a proper burial so you can begin the process of moving on with your life after you say goodbye. Give us a call at (800) 395-9199 or (732) 390-9199 and let’s go over what you need in a funeral service.

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