Remembering A Loved One This Holiday Season

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It’s never easy to lose a loved one and have to work with a Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ on their final services. But you can feel the loss even more poignantly around the holiday season when you have traditions that include your loved one. You are used to seeing and enjoying them and it’s hard to recognize that they are no longer there and never will be again. There are things you can do to remember your loved one over the holidays to bring their personality to light and keep their memory in your heart. Here are a few ideas.

Set A Place For Them

If you are used to having a family meal as part of your celebration, set a place for your loved one where they normally would sit. Perhaps you can even put a picture you like of them in that spot, so everyone remembers them and what you are missing. But instead of making it completely sad, have everyone toast to them or share a memory about them as you chat around the table. You can’t continue on as normal because that person is no longer with you. But they would be proud to know you are carrying on with them in mind.

Give A Gift In Their Honor

You don’t have to buy a gift for your loved one this year, but that doesn’t mean you want to completely rule them out of the holidays. Instead of buying something for them, buy something in their honor. There are a lot of charities that need gifts for children, struggling families, troops overseas and so on. Choose a charity you know your loved one would appreciate and give a gift in their honor to that group. It’s a nice way to get into the spirit of giving and remember your loved one at the same time.

Carry On Their Favorite Traditions

Even though your loved one isn’t there to do it themselves, you spent enough time with them to know what they liked doing best over the holidays. Keep those traditions going by picking up where they left off and continue their favorite things in their honor. They would like knowing that something they enjoyed so much is going to carry on with you.

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If you need help getting through the holidays, it’s completely understandable. It’s a hard time of year when you are dealing with loss. Even if your loved one passed away a year or longer ago. The professionals at the Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ are here to help you honor family members when they pass on, but we are also here with grief resources around the holidays or at any other time. Contact the experts at Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels to get information on grief support groups, counselors, websites to read through, and other such things that can help you feel less alone and more able to move through the holidays in a healthy manner while remembering your loved one.

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