Signs That Grief Counseling Is A Good Idea

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Losing a loved one is never easy and for some people, it can be downright overwhelming. Your initial feelings of grief and sadness are to be expected, but those feelings should get better over time, not worse. The Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ is here to help you plan honorable final services for your loved one with all of the customs and traditions you want included. But we are also there to help you manage your grief as time goes by. If you find that you need some extra help, we have resources that you could consider. Here are a few signs that grief counseling might be a good fit for you:


Physical Grief Symptoms

Again, at first, there are going to be a lot of things going on with your grief, but if you have physical symptoms that manifest and stick around, it might be telling you that you aren’t sure how to deal with the grief so your body is working through it in a physical manner. If you have stomachaches, headaches, other pains or fatigue, it might be your grief and you could get help for all of it with the right guidance.


Isolating Yourself

There are going to be times when you feel like being alone with your grief and that’s perfectly normal and natural. However, if you find yourself in isolation more often than not, if you are turning family members and friends away or not answering their calls at all, that could be a sign that you need some help getting things back on track. Grief can be all encompassing, but to pull yourself through, you need those around you who love you the most.


Getting Harder, Not Better

While there is no hard and fast rule as to what timeline grief follows, one thing is known to be true. As time passes, things should get easier. It’s not an overnight thing, by any means, but if you feel like your grief is getting worse instead of better, it might be a good idea to seek a counselor to guide you through steps toward a healthy grieving process.


Loss Of Interest

Everyone has their hobbies and things they enjoy doing. If you don’t even feel like trying any of those things, you might be falling into a depression because of your grief. If you can’t go for walks, read books, or do the things you used to enjoy, it’s a good idea to get some kind of help before things get worse.

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There are lots of things that the Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ will help you with when you need to arrange final services for a loved one. But even after those services are complete, Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels is here for you with grief resources. Whether you need them for yourself, or for a family member who is struggling, we can give you grief group information, counselors to try, or even just websites to help you feel less alone.

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