Supporting Funeral Home Services From A Distance

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When you hear that a friend of yours has passed on, or that a distant relative died, you may want to go to the Jewish funeral home Edison, NJ to honor their life and to support your friends and family members, but that’s not always possible. If you live a good distance away from them, you may not be able to travel there in time. You might not be able to get time off from work, or find someone to take care of your kids. There are plenty of things that can get in the way. Here are some things you can do to support the people you care about while they go through the funeral home services.

Donate To A Charity In Their Honor

Many people want to send flowers to funeral home services, but that is not an acceptable gift for a Jewish funeral service. Instead, if you want to show the family that you are thinking of them and supporting them, even from afar, you may want to donate to a charity in honor of their loved one. Choose a charity that you know the family supports or consider a charity pertaining, perhaps, to the illness the person had. If they passed on after a battle with cancer, you can donate to a cancer research fund or something of that nature.

Call Your Friend To Check In

Even if you can’t be in town for the actual service, you can still check in with your friend or family members around the services. You may not want to call the very day of the service since everyone will be rather busy, but check in later that week, ask how things went, and offer your condolences in that way. It’s nice for them to hear from people that care about them when they are going through a hard time.

Send A Personalized Gift Basket

You want the family to know you are thinking of them and are there to support them, even if you aren’t in the same town. Think about what you know about the family and send a customized gift basket to them. Perhaps you know they adore tea, so you can send a variety of tea bags that they can try out when they are gathering and trying to relax. You might send a book or two from an author you think they would enjoy. You can send gift cards to are grocery stores or restaurants to help them care for their physical needs. The options are endless and can mean a lot.

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Visit When You Can

Even if you can’t be there for the funeral, you might be able to plan a visit for a month or two down the road and that can give your friend or family members something to look forward to. You can honor the special person together at that time. You can also ask the Jewish funeral home Edison, NJ for ideas and options. Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels is here to help you support those you care about.

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