Taking Grief Day By Day

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If you have lost a loved one, the grief can feel very heavy. You might feel as if someone is standing on your chest and it is hard to take a deep breath. Some people might tell you that you will get over that feeling with time. While you will never truly ‘get over’ losing a loved one, time has a way of softening the blow as you learn how to live your life in a new way without that person. The professionals at the local Jewish funeral home in East Brunswick, NJ advise that you remember grief is different for everyone. You will need to take your experience on a day by day basis, depending on how you feel. Here are a few things to try out as you move forward however you feel necessary.

Spend Some Time Alone

While you aren’t going to want to be alone all of the time, because that would be isolating, you might have a lot of family and friends flocking around you to comfort and support you through this time. Know that if it feels right for your grief, it’s okay to take some time away from everyone and be alone. Perhaps you want to cry on your own, do some deep breathing, or just rest on your own. That’s perfectly normal. Don’t make it a habit to stay alone all day every day, but taking time away from others to grieve is healthy.

Test An Outing

It may be a while before you feel up to going out and doing some of the things you normally do, but you can test a few outings and see how they feel. Get dressed in something you would normally wear for an outing and then take a walk in a nearby park. You don’t have to be overly social to get out of the house and get some fresh air. If you do well with that outing, you can move on to a trip to the store or coffee with a friend.

Share Memories

It can feel really good to simply talk about your loved one. Sharing memories about them with a friend who is willing to listen can be a relief to you and it can even be fun to share some of the good times. Being able to talk about the person without breaking down is a good step in the right direction with your grief.

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The professionals at the Jewish funeral home in East Brunswick, NJ are here to help you through the final services you might want to have for your loved one. But we are also here after the services are complete and are here to give you advice, grief resources, and the compassion you need along the way. It’s important to talk to the experts at Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels about what you want for your loved one and we will take whatever plans you have in mind and implement them for you. We’re here to treat your loved one with respect.

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