Talking to Children about a Cremation Service

When you lose a loved one, there are no easy answers, and for a while absolutely everything you do will feel harder. Since Jewish customs used to only include burial, it’s possible that the child in your life hasn’t witnessed a cremation service before. If they are young enough and your family has been healthy enough, they may not have had to go through a funeral at all. Either way, it is important for you to go over things with them so they know what to expect. Death is never an easy topic, but the professionals at Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels in Helmetta, NJ cremation service are here to help. Use this advice and let us know if you need more tips.

Let Your Child Talk

Every child is going to react differently to the death of a loved one. Some may cry immediately and others may seem nonchalant for a while. But eventually, they will all want to talk about it and they will all have questions. Don’t brush those questions off when they come. Make time for them and let them talk about the loved one you lost and answer any questions they have. You might not always know how to answer and that’s okay. Tell them you don’t know the answers, and then try to find out together so you both learn a few things.

Go Over the Cremation Service

If your child has never been to a cremation service before, but has attended funerals in the past, they might find it strange that there is no casket. Explain to them what happens during cremation so they understand that the person is in ash form instead of within a casket. The urn might be present so they can say goodbye. Tell them where the service will be held and what will be different from what they have seen before. If your child has never been to a funeral at all, now is the time to go over what to expect so they aren’t surprised when they arrive.

Visit the Location in Advance

One way to help your child get through the actual cremation service is to visit where the service will take place in advance so they can see what it’s like. That might be the funeral home or a local park, depending on how the family arranges everything. It could be a good way to open up discussion about the cremation service itself so everyone is as prepared as possible.

There’s no easy way to go about talking to a child about the loss of a loved one, but life forces the issue and sometimes, you have to do it. If you need help with anything specific, contact Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels by visiting us at 454 Cranbury Road (at Evergreen Blvd.) East Brunswick, NJ 08816. You can also call with your questions at (800) 395-9199 or (732) 390-9199. We’re here to take care of as much of the cremation service as possible and be by your side during this difficult time.

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