Using Donations To Pay For Jewish Funeral Home Services

Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ

When a loved one in your family passes on, the easy part might be deciding that you want the Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ to organize and implement their traditional services. Your loved one has needs and you want to honor them in a certain way. But there are going to be costs that go along with those services and that can be one of the harder parts to cover. While some people have emergency savings or perhaps their loved one has left funds behind for them to use for final services, others are stuck without a backup plan. You might consider using donations to pay for the services. Here are some tips that can help with that.

Assess Your Needs To Set A Goal

You are going to want to assess what your loved one needs so you can have a budget in mind before you decide what you need to raise for their services. You might want to keep things basic and straightforward, addressing needs first. If you have extra money come in, you can always add other things later on. But your loved one’s needs are of the utmost importance.

Have A Fundraiser

You might not feel comfortable asking people from money upfront, but having a fundraiser gives them a product or service in exchange for their donation. You can even have a friend or a more distant relative set up the fundraising event so you don’t have something else to arrange. They can do something like an auction, a pancake feed, a car wash, or something else. You can charge something specific for the products or services and people will likely donate extra when they know where the money is going.

Consider Crowdfunding

The internet opens a world of opportunities for fundraising when you have needs around a final service. You or someone in your family can set up a crowdfunding account and that can be spread pretty quickly through social media. You can set a reasonable goal on that account and those who want to donate can follow along and see how close you are getting to that goal. You don’t have to ask anyone directly, but people you don’t even know who loved your family member might want to chip in and funds can be gathered quickly.

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Use Memorial Funds That Are Sent In

When friends and community members hear of your loved one’s passing, they may send you cards in sympathy. They might also include money or checks in those cards and you can use those funds to cover expenses. You might be surprised at how fast the money adds up and if there is extra, you can always donate it to a charity in your loved one’s honor.

Talk To Family About Donating

Your family may very well want to chip in for funds needed for the Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ to cover your loved one’s expenses. Talk to them and see what they might want to do to help with the overall costs.

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