What Plot Types Exist?

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When someone in your family passes on, you will need to care for their needs. There are plenty of options available to you and the Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ will help you to plan things out and honor your loved one in the way you see fit. After a funeral, your loved one will need burial and that means you will need to get a plot in a cemetery. The funeral professionals will help you to get things lined up with the cemetery, but you should know that there are different plots to consider. Here are a few to think about as you move forward.

Single Plots

Single plots are straightforward and the most popular option. When someone passes away, you find a single plot in the cemetery that you appreciate and that’s all you really need. You will perhaps want a nice location with shade or something that is near other family members who are buried in that area. But single plots hold one person and that’s all.

Double Plots

Double plots are a nice option for couples or other close family members. If your mother passes on, for example, and your father is still living, you might want a double plot so that someday, when the other person in the couple passes on, that plot is available for them. Sometimes, these plots are two wide. Other times, two people are allowed to be placed in the same plot, one after the other.

Family Plots

Family plots are larger and allow for numerous people to be buried in the same location. You might have a family of four, for example, and you want everyone to have a spot together. You may have a large family and you want to allow for spots for many of them. You can get a family plot so others can have spots in the future, if they so desire. You can always sell off the plots that aren’t used at a later date.

Jewish funeral home in Edison NJ

Cremation Plots

Many cemeteries also have cremation plots, which are much smaller, but honorable as well. The plots are more affordable, but they aren’t for everyone and that’s okay.

When you are ready to consider the options for your loved one, there are plenty of plot choices to look over. The professionals at the Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ are going to help you through the planning process from start to finish. They work with cemeteries on a daily basis and they can help you to get the type of plot you want, even if you aren’t sure what that is upfront. If you want a certain cemetery, certain maintenance plans, or things to be lined up within a certain budget, let the experts know and they can help to guide you down the right paths. Remember to review the cemetery rules so you are okay with those regulations before you get a plot so that doesn’t sneak up and surprise you later in a way that can cause regret within your family.

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