What to Bring to a Cremation Service

When a distant family member or friend passes on, you feel bad for the family. You want to show your condolences in a special way so they will know you are there for them. While there are certain things you can do for any funeral, Jewish cremation services are different. You don’t want to bring the wrong thing or say the wrong thing that might make things worse. If you are going to attend a Jewish cremation service in Manalapan, NJ, keep these items in mind.

Don’t Bring Flowers

When you attend a regular cremation service, you might automatically head to the flower shop to get an arrangement for the service. However, when it comes to Jewish traditions, flowers are discouraged. The cremation service will be simpler and they don’t want a bunch of decorations around the service. While flowers are a nice thought, they don’t work well in this situation.

Bring Your Presence

One of the most important things you can do for a Jewish cremation service is simply be there. Your presence is a thoughtful gift in and of itself, and brings honor to the person who has passed on. The Jewish faith sees your presence as a sign of respect, so even if you don’t bring anything at all, just being there is very important to those who have lost a loved one.

Charitable Contributions Are Nice

Since you can’t bring flowers, you might feel like there’s something else you can do…and there is. Donating money to a charity in honor of the deceased is a wonderful way to express yourself to the family. The family might list a cause the person enjoyed or you might be able to choose one on your own based on their lifestyle and what was important to them.

The Gift of Time is Noticed

Another thing you can do surrounding the cremation service is simply be there to give your time to the family. If there’s going to be any type of gathering, bring food or help to serve the family members while they gather. You could help with household chores, run errands, or transport guests wherever they need to go. When you approach the family, be specific about what you’d like to do. If you tell them to let you know if they need anything, they probably won’t. But if you say you’d like to help run errands for them, that helps them understand what you’re willing to do.

Dealing with a cremation service is never going to be easy, but you can ease a family’s pain by being there for them in a number of ways. If you need more ideas, contact the professionals at Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels, located at 454 Cranbury Road (at Evergreen Blvd.), East Brunswick, NJ 08816. We’re here to help you and those who are mourning through this difficult time. Give us a call at (800) 395-9199 or (732) 390-9199 with your questions and compassionate ideas surrounding a cremation service.

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