What To Take To The Jewish Funeral Home

Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ

When a loved one passes away, you contact a Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ to help with their care. They will transport your loved one from the place of their death to the funeral home facilities and will care for them until the funeral services are complete. Once your loved one is in good hands, it’s important to bring certain things with you to the professionals when you meet with them to go over plans. They can tell you what they need by phone, but this list will give you a good start.

The Death Certificate

No funeral professional can go very far with any services until you present the death certificate. Most of the time, getting it created is an automatic process, but if you need help, the funeral home can help you figure out where to go and what to do. Once the certificate exists, you will need copies of it for a lot of things. The funeral home can also help you figure out how many to get so you are prepared for a lot of upcoming details.

A Loved One’s Photo

You will want to bring a nice, recent photo of your loved one so the funeral home can use it in the obituary and to know what your loved one looked like for the viewing and visitation process. It’s best to have a photo of just them without other family members for the obituary and for the funeral home’s other processes. The picture can be used in a variety of ways and can be very helpful to you and the funeral home.

Clothing To Wear

While the Jewish funeral services are on the simple side, you do have some options as to what your loved one will wear. You will want to bring that clothing with you to the funeral home so they can place your loved one in that attire, along with anything else you want placed in their casket. You might want to write them a letter or put other things inside with them for the burial process.

Service Requests

You may not yet know what you want to do for the final services and that’s okay. But if you do have ideas that you’d like to incorporate, bring those along with you so you can talk them over with the professionals and get things into place.

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It’s hard to visit a Jewish funeral home in Edison, NJ, knowing you are planning final services for a loved one who has passed on. But it’s easier if you are prepared with the right items so that you don’t have to make more trips than necessary. Call the experts at Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels when a loved one passes on and that person will be in good hands. When you are ready to visit us in person and talk about the services you want to prepare, we will tell you what all you should bring to make the task as simple on you as possible.

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