What to Wear to a Funeral Home

If you have not attended very many funerals, you may not know what to wear when you are invited to a funeral home in Cranbury, NJ to honor someone you knew who has passed on. Do you have to wear something formal or can you go more casual? It’s hard to dig through your closet and know what’s appropriate if you haven’t attended many funeral services in the past. In order to avoid feeling out of place, use these guidelines to make the most of the process.

To Wear Black or Not to Wear Black

Black is always going to be a respectful, sedate color for a funeral service. You can certainly wear black as it is a classic look that is always acceptable. However, you will want to know what kind of funeral service you are attending. The funeral home may be putting on more of a celebration of life, which means you might want to wear something a bit lighter. If the funeral home is putting on a traditional funeral, on the other hand, wearing black is perfect.

Consider Religion

If the funeral home is lined up with a particular religion, you will want to make sure you dress accordingly. For a Jewish funeral home, dress conservatively with no bare shoulders or short skirts. Men can wear jackets and ties. Even if you aren’t Jewish yourself, you will want to respect the funeral home and the person who passed on by going with what they would deem appropriate. If you are offered an item to wear when you arrive, it is best to accept it.

Cap the Outfit with Shoes

When it comes to shoes, you want to stick with conservative choices in your closet as well. Forget about sneakers or sandals and wear something nice. Heels are fine for women, but they should be conservative and not too high. Men should wear something they would wear to church or business meetings. If you aren’t sure what you have that will work, you can certainly contact a funeral home and ask questions.

Focus on the Deceased

A good rule for any funeral home service is to wear things that don’t draw attention to yourself. You want everyone at the funeral home to focus on the person who has passed on. You don’t want anything too revealing, too casual, or too bright and colorful. Black is classic, but sedate colors that are neutral are great as well.

If you need help finding the appropriate attire for an upcoming event at a funeral home, contact Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels for help. We never mind giving advice. We’re located at 454 Cranbury Road (at Evergreen Blvd.) East Brunswick, NJ 08816 and want you to have the best experience possible at the funeral service you are going to attend. Give us a call with questions at (800) 395-9199 or (732) 390-9199. You can also look at our website for ideas of the types of services we perform at https://www.msmc.us/

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