What To Wear To A Jewish Funeral Home Service

Jewish funeral home Edison, NJ

When you are invited to a Jewish funeral home Edison, NJ, you might wonder what you should wear to such a service. Perhaps your family mostly does memorial services that have a more casual feel to them, or maybe you have attended funerals, but not Jewish funerals. Here are some tips that can help you wear just the right things so you can blend in and honor the person along with the others.

Go Dark And Conservative

Funerals, traditionally, call for something dark and conservative for your attire. You will want to go with something on the somber side so you don’t stand out and perhaps wear something that could be seen as disrespectful. People used to only wear black to funerals and while that color will always work, you can also wear other dark colors, like dark blue, brown, or even a deep purple. You will also want to wear something that you feel is on the conservative side. Things that you might wear to a serious business meeting or to a church service.

Check With The Family

If you aren’t sure what would be appropriate for this type of service, you can always reach out to the family members who are helping to set up the service. You might not want to ask the people the closest to the deceased as they are dealing with a lot right now. But you could maybe talk to a cousin or someone who is more distant what they feel would be a good fit for the service.

Call The Funeral Home

The funeral home sees a lot of different services and they will be working closely with the family as well. They can help you to figure out what you want to wear based on their recommendations. The funeral home is there to set up final services for those who have lost family members. But they are also there to support the people on the outskirts who want to honor someone in the proper manner. Give them a call with any questions you have at any time.

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Remain Respectful At All Times

When you look at your clothing options, you are going to want to convey respect in any way possible. You don’t want to draw attention to yourself in any way so as you look through the choices you have, you will want to think about respect. Is it respectful to wear that short black skirt? Probably not. Is wearing a pantsuit in navy respectful? Yes, that can work. Consider what you would want to see at your own loved one’s funeral if you were on the other side.

The professionals at the Jewish funeral home Edison, NJ want you to fit into the services your friends or family members are having for that person you are going to miss. You can call and ask anything you need to know at any time. Mount Sinai Memorial Chapels has professionals who are here to help whenever you have questions.

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